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MicroLab ar Arduino tipa Totem mikrokontrolleri
Zīmols Totem
Artikuls TKM-MCL1
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TotemDuino MicroLab is a learning platform for electronics and programming. Built on a sturdy Totem mechanical structure and based on an open-source Arduino platform.

It is a perfect tool for a beginner or a hobbyist user.  You can immediately start experimenting and hacking with the help of a thousands of example projects. Totemduino board containing all electronics in the kit is an improved version of Arduino platform, while still retaining 100% software compatibility.


Main features:

  • ATMEGA 328 microcontroller with 32kB flash memory
  • Wide power supply range – (5..30 V DC)
  • Much more powerful voltage regulator – you can connect motors, screens, power LED’s and many more sensors to your MicroLab (up to 1.5 A at 5 V).
  • Integrated programming device – no extra tools are necessary to start programming.
  • Compatible with Totem MiniLab measurement board – Side Panels – as an expansion.
  • Organized on nice 3-dimensional frame: it is easy to see, wire and reach all elements.
  • When taking a break with the MicroLab, it’s simple to just put it to the shelf. You can put away the arrangement to your shelves without risking pulling wires out of breadboards.

Expand Micro Lab with Side Panels:

Totem MicroLab can be used with Side Panels — they give you access to various pre-built sensors, drivers, buttons and relays. Side panels attach directly to the MicroLab structure and simple breadboard wires are used for connections.

Side panels contain groups of various functionalities — Input/Output, Sensors and Audio.