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Wozinsky Grip Stand L phone kickstand Grass Green (WGS-01GG)
Zīmols Wozinsky
Artikuls 46081
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Self-adhesive phone holder by Wozinsky

Nowadays mobile phones are used in many ways. This is why their owners look for multi-functional gadgets. Expectations of many are satisfied by Wozinsky self-adhesive holder which represents high-quality manufacture and modern minimalist design. You will appreciate it for its reliability and usefulness.


  • Brand: Wozinsky
  • Size: 3 cm x 12,5 cm
  • Installation: back of case

Major features:

  • built-in magnets support in setting a convenient position
  • solid manufacture
  • designer look
  • possible to set a suitable viewing angle
  • strong adhesion to case
  • easy installation

How it works?

This is a single-use product which can be quickly and easily installed with the use of glue. It means you cannot detach it and stick again after you have installed it in the rear part of the case.

Note! It is advisable to stick the holder on the case, rather than directly on the phone housing.

Why to choose Wozinsky mat?

The holder is self-adhesive so its installation is fast and smooth. When attached to the case, it adheres to one spot and does not come off.

After installing, the holder not only raises functionality of the phone or comfort of use, but also has a positive influence on the design.

Convenient use of the phone

Thanks to the holder with an adjustable mat, you can freely put the mobile on the table in the vertical or horizontal position and free your hands. This is a great solution when you are watching films or playing games.